Job Interview Questions and Answers for Marketing Graduates


The Complete Job Interview Preparation Guide for Marketing Graduates  – 67 Pages of What You Need to Know

This guide is specifically created for graduates who have no prior work experience in marketing roles and are facing job interviews for the first time. No doubt you’ll have competitive advantage over other marketing candidates if you get this guide and study it thoroughly.

  • Full list of Job Interview Questions & Sample Answers
  • Questions to Ask Interviewers
  • Plus a Portfolio Creation Guide


If you’re interviewing for a graduate marketing role, get ahead of other candidates with this interview tips guide getting you one step closer to getting hired. We give you prepared answers to follow and show you the things recruiters are looking for in your answers to job interview questions.

  • 13 Marketing Background Questions
  • 11 Marketing Behavioral Questions[/list_item]
  • 7 Questions To Ask
  • Marketing Portfolios
  • Marketing Competencies Checklist
  • View Sample Answers

What’s Inside the 67-Page Guide:

Are you prepared to answer background interview questions? How would you answer this question where you will make an impression and stand out? This is an example of one of the most common questions that interviewers ask. 

  • “Why do you want to work for our company?”

  • In this eBook, we show you how to answer each an every question in the context of marketing.

  • Access the 13 most common background interview questions with prepared answers ready to use.



This book was well worth the money. Instead of spending hours trying to look up how I should answer questions I adjusted your answers to suit me. I was so confident in the interview I was asked back for a second interview days later and got the job.

– JEN W, Successful Candidate

Thanks so much for the book. I’m so glad I bought it early, it gave me time to set up a digital portfolio that helped me stand out and I did get the job!!!

– MIKE R, Recent Graduate

Your interview answers saved me so much time and stress. I didn’t know where to start so I followed your guide. I was really well prepared especially for the really specific behavioral questions I had never heard before. Instead of looking worried and inexperienced I was confident and prepared.

– EMILY K, Successful Candidate


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