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We help you ace your job interviews.

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Simply, we believe that preparation will get you hired. We spent the last 8 years dedicating ourselves to help candidates get hired. That’s a lot of interview tips, so we’ve written it all down in our comprehensive job interview preparation guides.
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Be the one-stop-shop to help you get hired with our Essential Interview Tips Guides.

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If you study the content of this site (and for the super keen candidates who buy our Premium Job Interview Guides), you’ll have the competitive advantage that other candidates don’t.

Our Philosophy

Practice makes perfect. Being ready gives you confidence and opens up opportunities. Preparation does get you hired!

What job candidates say about us

The guide was amazing and easy to follow. There was so much I needed to do before my interview, I just didn’t know where to start. Your guide broke it all down into easy steps for the 7 days leading up to the interview. I walked in confident and positive and it showed. - Sophia Y
Getting ready for my interview while working full time was so stressful but I got through it by sticking to your 7 day plan and completing each task every night. I’ve just signed my letter of offer and resigned from my current role and I couldn’t be happier. Thank a lot guys. - Julia R
Without your guide the only thing I would have done to prepare for my interview was a bit of background research and practice some basic questions and answers. Instead I was completely prepared when I walked into the interview which was lucky because they focused on the behavioral questions you listed.- Neil W
This book was well worth the money. Instead of spending hours trying to look up how I should answer questions I adjusted your answers to suit me. I was so confident in the interview I was asked back for a second interview days later and got the job.- Jen P
When I decided I was going to look for a new job I really didn’t know where to start. Everyday Interview Tips helped me figure out an organised system for my job search and actually get offered job interviews. I was much more confident during the interviews after I had developed questions from your sample answers.- Kate N
I found all the information I needed to develop my interview skills. Before using the site, I was nervous and unsure of myself when it came to answering behavioral questions. Your Guide prepared me for some of the toughest interview questions and showed me how to identify examples and prepare strong answers.- Aaron T
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Our goal on this site is to give you job interview strategies so that you have the best resume and social profiles to get short listed for job interviews. We spent the last 8 years writing this content. That’s a lot of coffee and a lot of words written down about job interviewing, so you can trust that we have experience on this topic.
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We’ve written two comprehensive Interview Tips Guides here to help you nail that job – one for marketing graduates and one for if you have a job interview in the next 7 days. Check them out below.

Get interview ready in 7 days

A guide for all candidates. Got a job interview in the next few days? Here’show you can beat other candidates.

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For Marketing Graduates

A guide for all new marketing graduates. If you’re about to graduate from college or just graduated, we have a guide for you!

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Why trust us

With years of job interviews experience and insider’s knowledge with job recruiters and the hiring process, we’re devoted to providing you all the information, tips and tricks you need to get the job offer.

We help you ace your job interviews.

Binh Wilson

Founder & Managing Director

As the founder of Everyday Interview Tips, I believe that if you really want the job you’re after, you can get it. It’s the reason why this site exists to help you ace your job interviews. It all boils down to the value you can demonstrate that you bring to an organization, and the effort you put in your job interview preparation. The more you prepare, the more you stand out among the other candidates.

I grew up in Silicon Valley, California – spent my teen years in Mountain View and went to Los Altos High School. I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Comparative Literature. I’ve been working full time for over 2 decades and have had my share of job interviews, so I try to share my tips, tricks and learning about job interviews on Everyday Interview Tips. I do want you to get the job you’re after, and I believe that you have the power to change your reality and your future.

You’ve done the hard work on your CV and Cover Letter to land a job interview. So here you are; your next step is to come to the job interview prepared to increase your chances of getting an offer. Simply, preparation does get you hired.

My famous line: trust me

Micah Abraham

Senior Writer

I’ve been with Everyday Interview Tips since its inception in 2010, focusing on interview questions and answers, and some of the more delicate components of interview strategy. I am also the owner of Great Leap Studios, a content writing and online marketing company for small to medium size businesses.

I have always had a passion for subtle human behaviors, which is what attracted me to writing about job interviews.

I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in psychology, and try to integrate that experience with all of the interview tips I’ve shared on Everyday Interview Tips.

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