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How you might ask? Simply, we give you prepared answers to common interview questions, and show you the techniques on how to be the top job candidate to get hired. You could spend all your time jumping from site to site to gather your own Q&As, or smart candidates would prepare their interview tips strategies from the most Comprehensive One-Stop-Shop instead. (Hint: us!)
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With our all-in-one job interview preparation guides, you ‘ll be ahead of other job candidates. This is the reason why we’re one of the largest job preparation resources online with all your answers in one place to help you nail your job interview. Spend your precious time tailoring your own answers to demonstrate your value to the company hiring instead. We have already done the pre-planning for you.
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Job Interview Tips and Strategies

Everyday Interview Tips is a comprehensive interview tip website dedicated to promoting some of the latest and most effective strategies for acing job interviews. We provide tips and strategies from job search, negotiation a salary, to accepting the offer, along with information on how to adapt to the ever changing world of recruitment.

Feel free to browse around our site to get you prepared for your job interview. For those who would like to be ahead of the pack and want a more in-depth read, we also offer job interview guides to help walk you through the many different factors that go into a successful job interview.

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You already have the talents needed for the job. Everyday Interview Tips simply acts as your partner through the process, teaching you how to share your story and prove to others that you are ready for their investment.
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With years of job interviews experience and insider’s knowledge with job recruiters and the hiring process, our team is devoted to providing you all the information, tips and tricks you need to get the job offer.

Preparing for your resume

Make simple changes to your resume to get the hiring manager’s attention and get you shortlisted for the interview. We show you how to get your resume to stand out, add relevant keywords, and beat resume screening technology.

Commonly asked interview questions

Take a look at our job interview FAQ’s. We cover everything from the most common to the most difficult interview questions, by job industry and more. Know how to answer them.


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Everyday Interview Tips is used by job seekers worldwide looking to ace their job interviews for careers they’ve been training hard for. Learn how recent graduates benefit from using our all-in-one Job Interview Tips Guides. See some of our successful job seekers’ feedback below.
``The guide was amazing and easy to follow. There was so much I needed to do before my interview, I just didn’t know where to start. Your guide broke it all down into easy steps for the 7 days leading up to the interview. I walked in confident and positive and it showed.``- Sophia Y
``Getting ready for my interview while working full time was so stressful but I got through it by sticking to your 7 day plan and completing each task every night. I’ve just signed my letter of offer and resigned from my current role and I couldn’t be happier. Thank a lot guys.``- Julia R
``Without your guide the only thing I would have done to prepare for my interview was a bit of background research and practice some basic questions and answers. Instead I was completely prepared when I walked into the interview which was lucky because they focused on the behavioral questions you listed.``- Neil W
``This book was well worth the money. Instead of spending hours trying to look up how I should answer questions I adjusted your answers to suit me. I was so confident in the interview I was asked back for a second interview days later and got the job``- Jen P
``When I decided I was going to look for a new job I really didn’t know where to start. Everyday Interview Tips helped me figure out an organised system for my job search and actually get offered job interviews. I was much more confident during the interviews after I had developed questions from your sample answers.``- Kate N
``I found all the information I needed to develop my interview skills. Before using the site, I was nervous and unsure of myself when it came to answering behavioral questions. Your Guide prepared me for some of the toughest interview questions and showed me how to identify examples and prepare strong answers.``- Aaron T
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We have a thorough article directory with thousands of pages of content to help guide you through the interview process. We are also proud to offer our latest 2018 Edition Interview Tips Guides, available for instant download. Get ahead of other candidates and download yours instantly!

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